Upcoming PMP Classes in MUMBAI City

PMP Classroom Training in Mumbai

Do you want to know the ins and outs of all project management profession? People go for many PM certification to enhance their further career, here it is not biased if someone is saying PMP are the best course to be a project manager. It has lot more scopes and opportunities that can fulfill your ambitious demands from your career. One can easily become a certified professional without leaving their country. There are many institutes in the country which provides PMP online and classroom training for individual and desired professional at very convenient and affordable price. Skillogic Knowledge Solution is one among these training institute which provides its training classes at regular interval in many locations of India. Below you can find the upcoming training dates for PMP Classes in Mumbai.

Upcoming Training Schedules for PMP by Skillogic in Mumbai

Course Dates Location Price
PMP Classroom Training 24th Nov 2017 Mumbai Rs. 16900/-
22nd Dec 2017 Mumbai Rs. 16900/-
PMP Online Training 27th Nov 2017 Mumbai Rs. 12900/-
25th Dec 2017 Mumbai Rs. 12900/-

To Enroll Visit: http://in.skillogic.com/pmp-training/pmp-certification-mumbai/

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Four Reasons Why Agile Project Management is a Boon

Reason for Agile Project Management

Agile project management emphasizes on the values of innovation and constant improvisation. The importance of agile project management has been undermined as many people think that if other agile processes are followed correctly agile project management is not necessary. But what they fail to realize is that agile project management is what keeps everything running in a company. As other processes are too engrossed in the experimentation the project management sector acts as a calming force that helps to bring order to the brilliant chaos of experimentation by strategically using all innovative techniques on most favorable projects. Given below are a few factors which show us why agile project management is essential.

Holds All Different Creative Processes Together

A lot of companies have implemented agile processes that promote innovation, consumer awareness and experimentation. What usually happens with all creative processes that a helping hand is needed to figure out where to invest all the zest and energy. Agile project management plays an essential role in helping companies choose favorable projects, which are selected by scanning the overall status of the functioning consumer demand. It saves the energy the trouble of going through a lot of hard work and then facing failure. It makes sure that all the innovation and efficient work was done by a particular company does not go to waste.

Agile Project Management Training Is A Blessing For Anyone

Agile Project Management Training is a highly accessible program for anyone with the proper enthusiasm. Agile Project Management courses are open to anyone who aspires to get a job at a reputed IT firm and wants to handle all projects. The Agile Project Management certification is highly prestigious and renowned everywhere and increases your professional utility, making you a star candidate for any company who respects good quality.

Promotes Teamwork and Shared Vision

An agile project management supports sharing a vision and how to implement that vision through effective teamwork. A group of aware and energetic individuals working towards a single goal is surely a recipe for success. Almost all big companies have started implementing agile project management in their business to bring order to the various projects going on in their respective companies. Agile project management is an essential part of the massive digital transformation taking place in the various IT companies.

Crucial In Choosing Valuable Projects

If a company fails to select a proper plan, then no amount of hard work and innovation can help them get better than they were before. If the goal itself is faulty, all the effort will go in vain. Agile project management prevents that from happening to any company. It carefully scans all the current updates on consumer demands and then with an immensely talented group of individuals helps a company to figure out the best out of the selected options. Agile project management is usually open to proper changes and improvises accordingly which makes it an outstanding companion for success. You need to enroll for the course to emerge as a successful professional.

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Is the PMP Certification worth it?

Is PMP Worth For Me

People are going to attain the PMP certification examination often asks that is this certification worth it? Well, there are things which have their pros and cons. This certificate also has its pros and cons. Those who have attained these examinations and are already managers have their own views on this. Some of them are positive and the rest are negative. PMP examinations require a lot of money and it is quite complicated. And you must be prepared for it very well.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of PMP Certification below:


It can boost a resume

That means a resume with PMP certification is very helpful as it is a very hard examination. If you go for an interview as a project manager, you can easily get chosen over someone else. There are many companies who like to hire employees as project managers who are PMP certified to get the best result out of them. So, having a certificate like this can really make your work too much easy if you are looking for a job of a project manager.

It is a proof that you have got the experience

If you are a PMP associate than you have got a lot of experience, 60 months or 7500 hours accurately. But, if you are a Bachelor then you have got an experience of 36 months or 4500 hours. Both are enough to prove in your resume that you are an experienced person for this job. And it will be their benefit to keep you as their employee.

If you are PMP certified than you will be earning more amount of money

It has been proved after taking a survey that PMP certified managers earn more money than non-PMP certified managers do. Certified managers earn about $10000 more than regular non-PMP certified manager. PMP certified managers are the highest paid IT certification since 2008 and it is still emerging and standing tall among others.


It is quite expensive

To sit in the PMP certified exam you need to throw some hard cash, to take those courses which are necessary for the examination. You need to have a formal PME meaning project management education which costs around $400 for PMI members and $500 for non-PMI members. Though becoming a member is quite useful and beneficial for the PMI members as they allowed accessing various sources for the exam.

Not every project manager with a PMP certification is good

Passing the PMP examination doesn’t make you a good project manager; it just shows that you have got the experience. It does not mean that the projects that you’ve managed were successful. In fact, they could have been all wrong and you can be the worst with not a single good project to your credit, but the certification will still be there beside your name giving you enough of opportunities to rediscover yourself.

Now, the final verdict is that it totally depends where you live and what is field is. You can take suggestions from colleagues and other PMP managers that is it right for you or not.

PMP Training centers in INDIA

Bangalore: http://in.skillogic.com/pmp-training/pmp-certification-bangalore/

Mumbai: http://in.skillogic.com/pmp-training/pmp-certification-mumbai/

Pune: http://in.skillogic.com/pmp-training/pmp-certification-pune

Is The PgMP Credential Right For Me?

In today’s world of competition it is very important to stay on top if you want to make a mark. When we weigh the value of credentials it is very important to understand that they play a very important part not only in the learning process but will make your employer surer about hiring you. In order to understand the value of PgMP credentials you fits need to understudy the aim of such courses. PgMP helps to recognize the advances skills of a person that oversees many different types of projects and resources. You can obtain the credential through the PMI. For an easier understanding, let us break it up into a few areas or steps.

  1. Pre-PgMP that includes the application and the preparation for the same. This is the first step or the preparatory step.
  2. The intermediary step includes the audit and the exam.
  3. The Multi rater assessment is the final step of this exam.

You need to have a minimum of four years of program management experience if you are to take part on this course. They will be taking a comprehensive exam where they determine whether you are competent enough to be a program management practitioner. If you have the required experience, then you need to consider whether this course is the right credential for you.

Is This Credential Right For You?

When you are planning to do this course, it is very important for you to check the actual value of the credentials. The best way to do so is by going through the profiles of the people who have already attained this credential. When you go onto their website, you will notice that there are a quite a few directors and managers of companies who have attained these credentials. But does that mean it is a very useful credential?

In actuality you will see that there most of them has attained some amount of experience well before they have attained this particular credential. So a lot of their success is the fruit of the previous experience and not just the credential. So you need to make sure that the credentials suit the purpose they you are looking for.

Does It Help In The Professional Network?

The previous discussion taken into account, it cannot be said that there’s no value for the credential. All those who have attained this particular credential is of the view that it has helped them to create a very strong professional network. This is mainly because there are very few professionals in the field who have attained this credential. You need to make sure that you are very clear on your career objective before you plan on enrolling for this credential. If you have no particular want to become a program manager then this is definitely not the course for you. At the same time if you have the dreams to pursue this particular field, then attaining this credential will be the golden ticket for you.

In today’s world every advantage counts. So we recommend that if the PgMP credentials meet your requirement then definitely go for it to get that competitive edge over others in your field.

Skillogic™ is providing PgMP training in India. If you wants certify in PgMP opt for Skillogic™ training.

The Significance of PRINCE2

Project management is a competitive business and new ideas fizzle out almost as prolifically as they pop up. An industry as dynamic and continuously evolving as this one requires you to always stay on your toes. Staying ahead of the curve may seem demanding but is a necessity in the business. There are several accreditations which are offered by various different organizations, intended to give your resume that extra edge over your peers. One of the most tried and tested of these certifications is the PRINCE2. It has been around for a long time and continues to be one of the most recognized certificates in the industry. It has been tried and tested through years and is almost unanimously accepted and approved by companies’ world over. So what makes it so popular?

PRINCE2 Is One Of The Oldest:

There was a time when it was the undisputed champion of certification courses. Its popularity was unparalleled. It almost monopolized the business, with anyone holding a certificate being deemed exponentially more competent than one without it. Times have change and there are other accreditations which are equally meritorious, but the PRINCE2 hegemonized every recruitment drive in its heyday.

It Is Easy To Acquire:

What makes this course so sought after is its simplicity. It holds high value in the corporate world and can help you climb the ladder swiftly, but gaining the degree is relatively hassle free. Most other courses have elaborate signing up processes and even more convoluted examination procedures. But the PRINCE2 entails some amount of self study and that is about it. Not to say that it requires no effort, but the resources one needs to assimilate in order to acquire the certificate are easier to locate. Books can be purchased online and self study can be done at home. All you need to do is appear for an examination afterwards.

Because It Is Still Relevant:

There is a reason people revere antiquity. They say ‘old is gold’. PRINCE2 is testimony to that. The reason why people s till swear by it is not lethargy or incompetence, but because the PRINCE2 continues to be relevant. The foundational concepts it seeks to equip you with still work in a workplace. The modules are so fundamentally strong that offices still respect and abide by those regulations. The processes it runs are not outdated or old fashioned. They are very modern and can be molded to suit any use. There is a reason it has survived and sustained itself for as long as it has, and that it because it still works. Also, it has come to acquire such a formidable aura in professional spaces that people do not seem keen to tamper with that which seems so old and safe.

Skillogic™ is a largest ATO in INDIA for PRINCE2 certification and training courses. Skillogic™ is conducting classroom training in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Coimbatore, and Mysore.
The PRINCE2 may seem too conservative and old to some, but what one absolutely cannot dispute is its ability to get the job done. It has been around for so long that there is hardly any problem that cannot be solved with its assistance. It has acquired the status of something of a legend.

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IT certificates to enhance your resume

Carving out a niche for yourself in an industry as competitive as IT can be a grueling task. You need to prove your competence at every step and it is a dog eat dog world out there. Outperforming your peers can be difficult and it is often difficult to find that edge which distinguishes you from your colleagues. Here are a few certificates which you can add to your resume to make it more impressive.

CCA – Cisco Certified Architect:

Cisco offers a variety of certificates, ranging from entry level accreditations to higher levels of leadership. These certificates can go a long way in climbing your way up the corporate ladder. The CCA is the highest certificate they offer, but you can try for intermediate levels as well. All of these certificates will give your resume that much needed boost.

MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist:

Microsoft offers a whole host of certification curses. Acquiring them gives you degrees in troubleshooting, debugging or building on Microsoft devices. They also make you competent in using all of Microsoft’s operating systems, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

CompTIA Security+:

It is a crucial part of being engaged in the IT industry to be well versed with network security. This international certificate tests your efficiency and ability in system security, network infrastructure, access control and organizational security. In several cases, two years of technical experience along with this certificate is preferred, although not mandatory.

MCPD – Microsoft Certified Professional Developer:

This is yet another important certificate offered by Microsoft. Receiving this certificate means you are adept at managing applications on all Microsoft operating systems. This certificate could help you in acquiring jobs as technicians or in the software department.

MCITP – Microsoft Certified IT Professional:

This is one of the newest certification processed introduced by Microsoft. It aims at developing your proficiency in planning, deploying, supporting, maintaining, and optimizing IT infrastructures. This certificate can add that much needed touch of spark to your resume and enhance your competency by leaps and bounds.

ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management:

This is one of the best known certifications around the world and is universally accepted by companies. There are varying levels of courses, designed for different degrees of competency. You can start off with the most fundamental process and then progress on to more complex testing programs. This certificate is valued very highly and can instantly charm your employers.

Skillogic™ is a largest ATO for ITIL related training courses and certification in INDIA. If you are looking for ITIL courses please visit: http://in.skillogic.com/itil-training/

VCP – VMware Certified Professional:

Virtualization is a relatively untapped resource, but one with a lot of promise and potential. It is being touted as the next big thing in the IT industry. This certificate is intended for those who see a career in this line and want to be ahead of the curve. This certificate is well known among experts and can add great value to your CV.

Establishing yourself in the IT field can be an uphill battle. Some give up easily thinking it is futile. But if you work hard and work smart, you can succeed in this competitive field and become a force to reckon with.

How can six sigma and SWAGR help to overcome setback?

Six Sigma and SWAGR

You can be one of the erudite business people across the globe but you will still face the setbacks. You will not always be aware of the setback but you have to be prepared for it as it can come in any avatar. Having setback can help you to improve your business or it can be the total fiasco for your business depends on how you tackle it. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss, how six sigma protocols can help you to overcome the setbacks without being failed.

Six sigma
Six sigma is set of quality processes with quality tools and management techniques used to improve the production and quality of the product by removing the defects within the deadline and fewer resources. Moreover, six sigma have the different level of certifications that shows the expertise in particular manufacturing techniques. Having six sigma certification such as in green belt or yellow belt can turn your organization into great revenue earning machine. Six sigma is highly focused on reducing the waste of material, time and energy with right tools and techniques, data analysis and statistics that will never let your business goes down. In fact having six sigma protocol will never let you face this situation. If you are an erudite six sigma standard deviation, that represents no more defects than 3.4 out per million opportunities.

A leading business person coined the acronym SWAGR in which S stands for six sigma, W for who, A for autonomy, G for grit and R for the relationship. When using these entity incorporations with six sigma or lean program, your organization will definitely be prolific and help you to overcome the setbacks. Building the intimate relationship with your team, having professional team members with six sigma certification or lean protocols will never let your business sink.

Lean program
The lean program is all about the concept of the flow and has been proven really effective when it comes to facing or overcoming the setback. Lean is similar to six sigma but it is highly focused on reducing the waste by putting more efforts in manufacturing process and taking control over the quality process to increase the quality of product and end value. Whenever it comes to facing setbacks most organization will never go with the single protocol or program Of six sigma or lean. Most of the organization prefer to utilize both of them to overcome most of the braw backs as both can fulfill certain requirements that will never let you face any setbacks and even if your business will face it, you will have right tools and be prepared for it.

Having a great understanding and right expertise with all above entities will never let your business face setbacks and help you to earn great revenue with improving the product quality within a deadline and by using fewer resources. You have to consider six sigma or lean with SWAGR to face most of the setback that’s what most business person has to say.

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