Is the PMP Certification worth it?

Is PMP Worth For Me

People are going to attain the PMP certification examination often asks that is this certification worth it? Well, there are things which have their pros and cons. This certificate also has its pros and cons. Those who have attained these examinations and are already managers have their own views on this. Some of them are positive and the rest are negative. PMP examinations require a lot of money and it is quite complicated. And you must be prepared for it very well.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of PMP Certification below:


It can boost a resume

That means a resume with PMP certification is very helpful as it is a very hard examination. If you go for an interview as a project manager, you can easily get chosen over someone else. There are many companies who like to hire employees as project managers who are PMP certified to get the best result out of them. So, having a certificate like this can really make your work too much easy if you are looking for a job of a project manager.

It is a proof that you have got the experience

If you are a PMP associate than you have got a lot of experience, 60 months or 7500 hours accurately. But, if you are a Bachelor then you have got an experience of 36 months or 4500 hours. Both are enough to prove in your resume that you are an experienced person for this job. And it will be their benefit to keep you as their employee.

If you are PMP certified than you will be earning more amount of money

It has been proved after taking a survey that PMP certified managers earn more money than non-PMP certified managers do. Certified managers earn about $10000 more than regular non-PMP certified manager. PMP certified managers are the highest paid IT certification since 2008 and it is still emerging and standing tall among others.


It is quite expensive

To sit in the PMP certified exam you need to throw some hard cash, to take those courses which are necessary for the examination. You need to have a formal PME meaning project management education which costs around $400 for PMI members and $500 for non-PMI members. Though becoming a member is quite useful and beneficial for the PMI members as they allowed accessing various sources for the exam.

Not every project manager with a PMP certification is good

Passing the PMP examination doesn’t make you a good project manager; it just shows that you have got the experience. It does not mean that the projects that you’ve managed were successful. In fact, they could have been all wrong and you can be the worst with not a single good project to your credit, but the certification will still be there beside your name giving you enough of opportunities to rediscover yourself.

Now, the final verdict is that it totally depends where you live and what is field is. You can take suggestions from colleagues and other PMP managers that is it right for you or not.

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