How can six sigma and SWAGR help to overcome setback?

Six Sigma and SWAGR

You can be one of the erudite business people across the globe but you will still face the setbacks. You will not always be aware of the setback but you have to be prepared for it as it can come in any avatar. Having setback can help you to improve your business or it can be the total fiasco for your business depends on how you tackle it. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss, how six sigma protocols can help you to overcome the setbacks without being failed.

Six sigma
Six sigma is set of quality processes with quality tools and management techniques used to improve the production and quality of the product by removing the defects within the deadline and fewer resources. Moreover, six sigma have the different level of certifications that shows the expertise in particular manufacturing techniques. Having six sigma certification such as in green belt or yellow belt can turn your organization into great revenue earning machine. Six sigma is highly focused on reducing the waste of material, time and energy with right tools and techniques, data analysis and statistics that will never let your business goes down. In fact having six sigma protocol will never let you face this situation. If you are an erudite six sigma standard deviation, that represents no more defects than 3.4 out per million opportunities.

A leading business person coined the acronym SWAGR in which S stands for six sigma, W for who, A for autonomy, G for grit and R for the relationship. When using these entity incorporations with six sigma or lean program, your organization will definitely be prolific and help you to overcome the setbacks. Building the intimate relationship with your team, having professional team members with six sigma certification or lean protocols will never let your business sink.

Lean program
The lean program is all about the concept of the flow and has been proven really effective when it comes to facing or overcoming the setback. Lean is similar to six sigma but it is highly focused on reducing the waste by putting more efforts in manufacturing process and taking control over the quality process to increase the quality of product and end value. Whenever it comes to facing setbacks most organization will never go with the single protocol or program Of six sigma or lean. Most of the organization prefer to utilize both of them to overcome most of the braw backs as both can fulfill certain requirements that will never let you face any setbacks and even if your business will face it, you will have right tools and be prepared for it.

Having a great understanding and right expertise with all above entities will never let your business face setbacks and help you to earn great revenue with improving the product quality within a deadline and by using fewer resources. You have to consider six sigma or lean with SWAGR to face most of the setback that’s what most business person has to say.

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DevOps Redefining Your IT Strategy

Today, people expect their software to operate properly wherever they are, whether it is used in a desktop PC or a mobile device. Therefore, IT has responded well with these demands. DevOps is one such concept that aims at the proper functioning of your software by allowing organizations to manufacture and release better and faster high quality codes.

DevOps Redefining Your IT Strategy

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is a term that is used to define a set of concepts that has taken the form of a movement and is spreading rapidly throughout the IT community. As it is a new technique, people often have divergent views of what it is and how it operates. DevOps has been developed from the impact of two major trends that are related to each other. The two trends are “agile system administration” and “partnership between the development and operations staffs”.

The first trend i.e. “agile system administration” has hopped up as a result of applying the newer versions of Agile and Lean proposals to the operational work of the organization. Whereas, the second trend has emerged as a result of the collaboration of the staffs of the development and operations section, while generating and operating a service throughout all the levels of development cycle.

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What Is DevOps Not?

Here are some facts that are believed to be involved in DevOps but it is not.

  • It’s Not About No Operational Functioning-

Some people think that DevOps is taking over operations. It is an illusion that DevOps is emerging only from the development section of the organization and it eliminates the operational section. But it is not. DevOps and forerunners in agile operations have been commenced by operations section only. This is because, the existing pace of principles, practices and processes of people have not matched with what is needed for success and this has been realized by the operation team of an organization. As a result of this, now the development and business teams require more alertness as the business environment is becoming faster paced.

  • It’s Not Just A Set Of Tools-

DevOps is not about executing a set of tools. There are many organizations that have adopted a set of agile tools but it has not been adopted as principles and the results that came out of this were suboptimal. It is true that tools agile tools are very useful in DevOps but if an organization doesn’t have any idea on how to use it then it can backfire on the organization. Calling it an agile tool is appropriate it is commonly used in several agile methodologies of the organization.

Getting Started With DevOps

There is not just a single way to DevOps but there are a number of options and that works well in your organization. Development and operation teams have helped in coming up with successful DevOps initiatives. Implementing the initiatives commences with you only. You can simply learn about the principles, values, practices and methods of DevOps. You can spread these initiatives with the help of whatever channel you think is most effective. You can go on to tell your co-techies and begin to execute these in a more DevOps way. This will lead you to success.

Thus, this will help your organization to grow. When you implement DevOps initiatives, more people will communicate with your organization and will also tell you how your organization can grow to success.

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Improvement in Quality Management

Quality management is one of the most important things these days. Any good organisation will ensure that they are constantly improving on their quality in order to have a more successful business model. But quality management just does not mean improving the product and services, it also deals with the means by which you can achieve perfection in your production process. Thus quality management has become an art through which you can improve on the whole process of production and excel in the performance of the whole entity. It helps you to attain that level of perfection and excellence that any organisation strives for.


So now that we know about quality management, we need to know what quality management improvement is all about.

What is quality management improvement?

The process of constantly improving the quality of the quality management process is technically what quality management improvement is all about. The process of quality management needs to be assessed at regular intervals and with the help of recurring processes you can improve on the whole quality management process. When an organisation winds up neglecting the quality of the product it causes a major crisis in the organisation. O it is very important to fix the quality standard and make sure that you adhere to it. It is also very important that you make the whole process very transparent by constant updating the process.

The International Standard for Quality Management

The ISO has identified these following as the different sections of quality management.
1. Customer Centric
2. Involvement of employees in decision making
3. Leadership Qualities
4. Process
5. Systematic Approach to the Management
6. Continuous Improvement
7. Decision making and the approach towards it

The Methods Involved In Quality Improvement

These 4 methods have been globally accepted as the different methods by which any organisation can manage the quality of the process and the products that are being produced by them.
FADE Model: This mainly takes into consideration 4 different steps that helps to manage the quality of the production – through focus, analyse, define and execute. This will help to improve the quality of the production process.

PDSA Model: In this model you have to first plan, then do a study and then act on the method. This is also a very popular model though it is mainly popular among the small scale organisations.

Six Sigma: This is the most popular form of quality management approach. I this method the professional considers the existing plan the base and improves on it. This is great for the larger scale businesses. In this method you can be sure that amount of defects will decrease to a substantial amount and you will get near to perfect products.

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Total Quality Management (TQM): Total Quality management helps the whole process of the organisation to change and adapt new strategies that will help them to become better at the production process.

By forming a good strategy of quality planning, quality assurance and quality control, you can make sure that your organisation is constantly improving in their quality management process.

What are the processes involved in PRINCE2 project management?

PRINCE2 is a method of project management. It is used widely in UK and also in the private sectors of UK and other places. Projects should be managed and controlled properly otherwise they can go wrong badly. It is said by PRINCE2 techniques that a project must be organized and controlled from first to end.

PRINCE2 Project Management

What are the assigned roles in PRINCE2 project management?

First is the project manager who has been given the responsibilities of organizing and controlling the project. He will select individuals for the work according to him and will make sure that the work is completed on the correct time without any problem. He is the person who plans out the project and decides the working of the project team.
Secondly there is the person who is providing money for the project. This person is called the customer or sometimes the executive. The person who will be affected by the results or outcome of the project is known as the user. In some cases, the customer and user can be same. Some people give the expert knowledge or skills which helps to do the work on the project. They are called the supplier or specialist.

So, all these people should work accordingly so that the project gets the required quality result on the specified time within the decided budget.

The PRINCE2 project has a project board which consists of the customer, the use and the supplier. The project manager informs the project board regularly keeping them updated about their progress as well as the problems if they are facing any.

The methods of PRINCE2 project management

  • To check the progress of the project is the job of project assurance. It is about checking whether the project is capable of working successfully according to costs and benefits which fall under business assurance. User assurance should also be kept in mind that is whether the needs of the user are being fulfilled or not. It also checks whether the project gives an appropriate solution which is called the technical assurance. On the other hand, in some cases project assurance is done by a team of people.
  • Administrative work is essential for every project. It is important to organize meetings, updating plans, keeping everyone informed, taking care of files etc. These are done mostly by the project managers in case of smaller projects but when there are a number of projects, a Project Support Office usually helps the project manager.
  • The PRINCE2 project management method also describes how risks and quality should be managed and controlling the change on project. Risk management refers to the checking what could go wrong. Quality management checks the quality of work done. Controlling the project changes is very important as it helps the project to go forward in a correct path.

So, these were the important methodologies of PRINCE2 which would help you further on project management issues. Thus, PRINCE2 projects are dependent on the people involved in the team.

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From Project management point of view PRINCE2 and PMP both certifications are top. If you confused between them and thinking which certification is better for me then go through this article:

Why is the TOGAF Certification Important for you?

TOGAF Certification is no less than a mentionable achievement in today’s time. With the use of different software technologies, across various industries on a constant rise, there has been an exceptional increase in the demand for competent professionals, who can positively influence the enhancement of these software and other technologies used in an organisation. This is where the role of TOGAF becomes imperative. The fact that you have undergone the certification training proves that you have enough and more knowledge on the subject and can pass the examination much deservingly. It is important that all the employees in an organisation speak the very same language. This increases common understanding, efficiency and effectivity in terms of time consumption in the organisation. Hence, here is where a basic glossary of terms extended by TOGAF makes things easier.

Skillogic TOGAF Training

The advantages of a TOGAF Certification:
The above mentioned lines, prove that a TOGAF certification is important to establish-

  • Common understanding amongst the employees of an organisation
  • Increase efficiency of functions and communication,
  • Increase the effective usage of time,
  • Provides employees with iterative process of producing and developing architectural solutions, and finally
  • Extends a set of integrated frameworks for the members of the project to follow.

Learning TOGAF or undergoing a professional TOGAF Training not only prepares you for the successful completion of the final certification exam, but also allows all the employees of an organisation to own a common foundation of expertise. There are also other importances of TOGAF certification and hence, it is of optimum importance that organisations motivate their employees to undergo the TOGAF Certification training, or hire individuals who have already accomplished the TOGAF test.

The Significance of TOGAF Certification:
The fact that TOGAF provides professionals with a common level and foundation of expertise, also helps each one of them gain a definite stamp of competency. This stamp proves that they are competent to perform some of the most basic and advanced guidelines of TOGAF and bring the desired benefits to the company hiring them.
Apart from a mark of trust and the competency to provide the basic infrastructural benefits allowed by TOGAF, there are also other significant contributions of the TOGAF Certificate. As an enterprise architect of a leading concern, reaching the end of duties is a continuous process that seldom has a destination. Here are some of the many things you can do to increase the value of your TOGAF Certification:

          Gather Professional Experience:
Gaining a room full of certificates, might not be as effective as professional experience is. Employers continuously ask for experience and if you have some, then your chances at getting employed rise considerably. So before you go about bagging any and every professional degree, first go out and start architecting. This considerably increases the value of your TOGAF Certification.

         – Reading through EA Case Studies:
Read through both the good as well as the bad EA Case studies. Understand the basic to pulling off successful EA Projects can increase the value of your TOGAF Certification.

Other things you can do to make your TOGAF Certificate more important include- coming across a mentor, joining architecture communities, etc. Hence if you are looking forward to endorse your career, a TOGAF certificate teamed with additional processes will help you to do so.

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Top 10 reasons to get a PMP certification, even if you’re a seasoned pro

PMP is an internationally recognized professional designation. This degree is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is located at Pennsylvania, United States. PMI emerged as a non-profit organization at GEORGIA INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGY in October, 1969. In around 1980s, procedures of project management were standardized. The first PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) was created in 1996 in this particular attempt of standardization. According to what the PMI defines, PMP is an application of skills. It is also application of knowledge and techniques so that projects can be executed efficiently.

Top 10 Reasons for PMP Certification

So why does one need a PMP certification?
The following points may help you consider the certification if you are already into the Project Management:

  • Preference: Many companies nowadays look for people who are PMP certified. They generally choose people who are well versed in this field in the terms of knowledge and theory. This is the reason why most of the PMP certified candidates are given preferences.
  • Distinguishing: The PMP certification helps you stand out in the crowd. It gives you the opportunity of becoming the special one. This certification definitely manages to separate the other Project Managers who are available and are working in the same field.
  • The Formal Attitude: It helps you in acquiring a formal attitude. This certificate helps you become more professional and more formal while dealing with people.
  • Networking: You do not need a social media to network with other good PMP’s anymore. Networking with other project managers is very easy once you are through with your PMP certification. This in turn doesn’t only help you achieve small goals but also long-term help.
  • Techniques: You will achieve an array of new techniques once you are done with the PMP certificate course. You also will have the opportunity to know what was wrong with the old ones and how can you successfully eliminate them for better job.
  • Teaching Career: You can very easily take up the career of a teaching professional. With all the knowledge you acquire from the classes yourself; you can easily go ahead and choose the profession of teaching.
  • Increasing Of Worth: This certificate helps you create an important value of yourself, in comparison to your fellow colleagues. Also if working in a consultation firm, may help you and your firm win, thanks to your credentials.
  • Breaking the Stereotype: This certification definitely manages to break the stereotype view. It helps you to be exceptional in many ways. This certificate keeps you updated with the latest trends thus putting you a step ahead.
  • Motivation: This certificate doesn’t only help one achieve all the above points but helps them keep motivated. It helps you to create an urge to keep yourself shoulder to shoulder with all the new and upcoming techniques.
  • Social Impression: This certificate helps you a lot in your social impression. You do become an idol for many and the respect that comes with it is totally worth mentioning.

These points can definitely help you to consider the certificate of PMP. Choosing the PMP certification can definitely turn out profitable for you.

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Things that is beneficiary in a Six Sigma certification course

There are certain objectives in your life and your career is going to fulfill that. To ensure that, you will have to make your career directed in the right dimension. A Six-Sigma certification course has the ability to do the exact thing that you are looking for. It is going to add a special support to you and your career and you will manage to get a better job by using the certificate and mentioning that ion your resume. The best support that you will get on that account has been discussed in this article. Get through the article and note down the edges that you will develop in yourself, after going through the course.

Six Sigma Certification Benefits

Get a prominent edge in salary
An edge in salary is all you need in your career and the certification course is going to do that for you in the most effective way. While you mention the certification on your resume in the frontier section, you can remain ascertained that you will get a call in the interview and after you are judged, you will get a better opportunity over the other participants. There the story does not end. It has been found that the students that are having the certification course gets a package that is more than those who are not by 16.5K $ a year. This is a huge margin and that is sure to make you feel bold.

Complete the course at your time
The best thing in the course is the time structure. There is no such rules that you will have to go through the full time course, or you will have to complete the course within a stipulated time. So, if you are going through a job, continue the work and the study at the same time. Once you complete the certification, get to the employer and update your resume. This will enhance the salary. If you are not satisfied with the increment, get to other companies and join there with a better package. This is the best thing in the course that is going to help you in all aspect.
Real time certification course

It is the course where you will be trained in the real time scenario. Hence the course is going to make you better equipped and ready to tackle the real time situations related to the quality management in the production house. There are not many courses like that and thus get an edge over all the aspects with this support for you. You can get the real time experience and that is the reason why the companies are ready to pay you more, while you are having the certification.
Wide scope of placement

It is fact that there are not many companies, who practice six-sigma in their day to day operation, but the number is increasing every day and that is a great scope for you. You can get the exposure to other companies that are not practicing the technique, since they love to get such an efficient a skilled staff to reduce their time and production waste. It is fact that the importance of the concept is a growing one and thus your scope is also increasing.

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