Performance measurement baseline – Delphi technique

When a project is in progress, it is always needed to measure its progress and at the same time also it is needed to measure the performance of the project managers involved in the project. To measure the performance of both the project and the project manager a baseline is established during the planning of the project. This particular baseline is of three constraints that are time, cost and scope. All three together are known as Performance Measurement Baseline. After the baseline has been decided upon then the project is started keeping these baselines to be the target.

Of course in some of the special cases these baselines can be changed. Though the changing of the baseline is not impossible but of course it is difficult. Permission has to be taken from the control board showing proper reasons and then after proper justification the targeted baselines can be changed.

Baseline questions in PMP exam

PMP Certification exams include questions that have an intense impact on the practical fields. This is the reason baseline questions are one of the most important ones is the test. There are questions asking about the components of such baselines or techniques to measure such baselines and also the various methods that are used in the achieving the set targets. For answering such questions you need to know about the various methods and also you should have some of the practical knowledge. These include a number of formulas, calculations and maintaining of indexes that can measure the baselines and can help the project managers in achieving these baselines.

The Delphi technique

The Delphi technique is one of the techniques that are used for the Performance Measurement Baseline. Delphi Technique is the method that is often used where there is more than one expert.

It has been often noticed that at a place where there are more than one expert, contradictions arise for taking a decision. To solve one particular problem, there will be many solutions. Selecting one random solution can hurt egos of other experts or also at times, less influential selections are also made at times. So, the best way is to get a solution through the method of Delphi.

In Delphi technique, all the theories of all the experts are taken by the moderator. Then after proper summarization the most common techniques are refined. The process takes a few rounds. In each round the most unpopular or least affective theory is discarded. At last the best theory is found out that can be used.

Application of the Delphi technique

Questions often are there in PMP exams about the application of Delphi technique. The technique can be very effective used for time management, cost management and also scope management. It is best used when there are experts from around the globe and it is not possible to get them together in a room to have a brain storm of ideas. Also, it can be used when there are some popular experts and their ideas cannot be denied on their face. In these situations the Delphi technique can bring the best conclusion.

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