The Significance of PRINCE2

Project management is a competitive business and new ideas fizzle out almost as prolifically as they pop up. An industry as dynamic and continuously evolving as this one requires you to always stay on your toes. Staying ahead of the curve may seem demanding but is a necessity in the business. There are several accreditations which are offered by various different organizations, intended to give your resume that extra edge over your peers. One of the most tried and tested of these certifications is the PRINCE2. It has been around for a long time and continues to be one of the most recognized certificates in the industry. It has been tried and tested through years and is almost unanimously accepted and approved by companies’ world over. So what makes it so popular?

PRINCE2 Is One Of The Oldest:

There was a time when it was the undisputed champion of certification courses. Its popularity was unparalleled. It almost monopolized the business, with anyone holding a certificate being deemed exponentially more competent than one without it. Times have change and there are other accreditations which are equally meritorious, but the PRINCE2 hegemonized every recruitment drive in its heyday.

It Is Easy To Acquire:

What makes this course so sought after is its simplicity. It holds high value in the corporate world and can help you climb the ladder swiftly, but gaining the degree is relatively hassle free. Most other courses have elaborate signing up processes and even more convoluted examination procedures. But the PRINCE2 entails some amount of self study and that is about it. Not to say that it requires no effort, but the resources one needs to assimilate in order to acquire the certificate are easier to locate. Books can be purchased online and self study can be done at home. All you need to do is appear for an examination afterwards.

Because It Is Still Relevant:

There is a reason people revere antiquity. They say ‘old is gold’. PRINCE2 is testimony to that. The reason why people s till swear by it is not lethargy or incompetence, but because the PRINCE2 continues to be relevant. The foundational concepts it seeks to equip you with still work in a workplace. The modules are so fundamentally strong that offices still respect and abide by those regulations. The processes it runs are not outdated or old fashioned. They are very modern and can be molded to suit any use. There is a reason it has survived and sustained itself for as long as it has, and that it because it still works. Also, it has come to acquire such a formidable aura in professional spaces that people do not seem keen to tamper with that which seems so old and safe.

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The PRINCE2 may seem too conservative and old to some, but what one absolutely cannot dispute is its ability to get the job done. It has been around for so long that there is hardly any problem that cannot be solved with its assistance. It has acquired the status of something of a legend.

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What are the processes involved in PRINCE2 project management?

PRINCE2 is a method of project management. It is used widely in UK and also in the private sectors of UK and other places. Projects should be managed and controlled properly otherwise they can go wrong badly. It is said by PRINCE2 techniques that a project must be organized and controlled from first to end.

PRINCE2 Project Management

What are the assigned roles in PRINCE2 project management?

First is the project manager who has been given the responsibilities of organizing and controlling the project. He will select individuals for the work according to him and will make sure that the work is completed on the correct time without any problem. He is the person who plans out the project and decides the working of the project team.
Secondly there is the person who is providing money for the project. This person is called the customer or sometimes the executive. The person who will be affected by the results or outcome of the project is known as the user. In some cases, the customer and user can be same. Some people give the expert knowledge or skills which helps to do the work on the project. They are called the supplier or specialist.

So, all these people should work accordingly so that the project gets the required quality result on the specified time within the decided budget.

The PRINCE2 project has a project board which consists of the customer, the use and the supplier. The project manager informs the project board regularly keeping them updated about their progress as well as the problems if they are facing any.

The methods of PRINCE2 project management

  • To check the progress of the project is the job of project assurance. It is about checking whether the project is capable of working successfully according to costs and benefits which fall under business assurance. User assurance should also be kept in mind that is whether the needs of the user are being fulfilled or not. It also checks whether the project gives an appropriate solution which is called the technical assurance. On the other hand, in some cases project assurance is done by a team of people.
  • Administrative work is essential for every project. It is important to organize meetings, updating plans, keeping everyone informed, taking care of files etc. These are done mostly by the project managers in case of smaller projects but when there are a number of projects, a Project Support Office usually helps the project manager.
  • The PRINCE2 project management method also describes how risks and quality should be managed and controlling the change on project. Risk management refers to the checking what could go wrong. Quality management checks the quality of work done. Controlling the project changes is very important as it helps the project to go forward in a correct path.

So, these were the important methodologies of PRINCE2 which would help you further on project management issues. Thus, PRINCE2 projects are dependent on the people involved in the team.

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