Why is the TOGAF Certification Important for you?

TOGAF Certification is no less than a mentionable achievement in today’s time. With the use of different software technologies, across various industries on a constant rise, there has been an exceptional increase in the demand for competent professionals, who can positively influence the enhancement of these software and other technologies used in an organisation. This is where the role of TOGAF becomes imperative. The fact that you have undergone the certification training proves that you have enough and more knowledge on the subject and can pass the examination much deservingly. It is important that all the employees in an organisation speak the very same language. This increases common understanding, efficiency and effectivity in terms of time consumption in the organisation. Hence, here is where a basic glossary of terms extended by TOGAF makes things easier.

Skillogic TOGAF Training

The advantages of a TOGAF Certification:
The above mentioned lines, prove that a TOGAF certification is important to establish-

  • Common understanding amongst the employees of an organisation
  • Increase efficiency of functions and communication,
  • Increase the effective usage of time,
  • Provides employees with iterative process of producing and developing architectural solutions, and finally
  • Extends a set of integrated frameworks for the members of the project to follow.

Learning TOGAF or undergoing a professional TOGAF Training not only prepares you for the successful completion of the final certification exam, but also allows all the employees of an organisation to own a common foundation of expertise. There are also other importances of TOGAF certification and hence, it is of optimum importance that organisations motivate their employees to undergo the TOGAF Certification training, or hire individuals who have already accomplished the TOGAF test.

The Significance of TOGAF Certification:
The fact that TOGAF provides professionals with a common level and foundation of expertise, also helps each one of them gain a definite stamp of competency. This stamp proves that they are competent to perform some of the most basic and advanced guidelines of TOGAF and bring the desired benefits to the company hiring them.
Apart from a mark of trust and the competency to provide the basic infrastructural benefits allowed by TOGAF, there are also other significant contributions of the TOGAF Certificate. As an enterprise architect of a leading concern, reaching the end of duties is a continuous process that seldom has a destination. Here are some of the many things you can do to increase the value of your TOGAF Certification:

          Gather Professional Experience:
Gaining a room full of certificates, might not be as effective as professional experience is. Employers continuously ask for experience and if you have some, then your chances at getting employed rise considerably. So before you go about bagging any and every professional degree, first go out and start architecting. This considerably increases the value of your TOGAF Certification.

         – Reading through EA Case Studies:
Read through both the good as well as the bad EA Case studies. Understand the basic to pulling off successful EA Projects can increase the value of your TOGAF Certification.

Other things you can do to make your TOGAF Certificate more important include- coming across a mentor, joining architecture communities, etc. Hence if you are looking forward to endorse your career, a TOGAF certificate teamed with additional processes will help you to do so.

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