How can six sigma and SWAGR help to overcome setback?

Six Sigma and SWAGR

You can be one of the erudite business people across the globe but you will still face the setbacks. You will not always be aware of the setback but you have to be prepared for it as it can come in any avatar. Having setback can help you to improve your business or it can be the total fiasco for your business depends on how you tackle it. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss, how six sigma protocols can help you to overcome the setbacks without being failed.

Six sigma
Six sigma is set of quality processes with quality tools and management techniques used to improve the production and quality of the product by removing the defects within the deadline and fewer resources. Moreover, six sigma have the different level of certifications that shows the expertise in particular manufacturing techniques. Having six sigma certification such as in green belt or yellow belt can turn your organization into great revenue earning machine. Six sigma is highly focused on reducing the waste of material, time and energy with right tools and techniques, data analysis and statistics that will never let your business goes down. In fact having six sigma protocol will never let you face this situation. If you are an erudite six sigma standard deviation, that represents no more defects than 3.4 out per million opportunities.

A leading business person coined the acronym SWAGR in which S stands for six sigma, W for who, A for autonomy, G for grit and R for the relationship. When using these entity incorporations with six sigma or lean program, your organization will definitely be prolific and help you to overcome the setbacks. Building the intimate relationship with your team, having professional team members with six sigma certification or lean protocols will never let your business sink.

Lean program
The lean program is all about the concept of the flow and has been proven really effective when it comes to facing or overcoming the setback. Lean is similar to six sigma but it is highly focused on reducing the waste by putting more efforts in manufacturing process and taking control over the quality process to increase the quality of product and end value. Whenever it comes to facing setbacks most organization will never go with the single protocol or program Of six sigma or lean. Most of the organization prefer to utilize both of them to overcome most of the braw backs as both can fulfill certain requirements that will never let you face any setbacks and even if your business will face it, you will have right tools and be prepared for it.

Having a great understanding and right expertise with all above entities will never let your business face setbacks and help you to earn great revenue with improving the product quality within a deadline and by using fewer resources. You have to consider six sigma or lean with SWAGR to face most of the setback that’s what most business person has to say.

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